The world by Efrat Kalig

BRIDAL 2022 - 2023


The world by Efrat Kalig

To wear dreams on ones

feet is to begin to give a

reality to ones dreams


Tel – Aviv Parisian FASHION URBAN soul.

Looks of a real diva carrying Efrat sensitivity and dynamic together.

Pet, fashion Pet, combining the classical with the modern womanof a unique touches couture and fantasy colorful and fascinating together.

Native Academy of haute couture in Paris. BA and MA in fashion design elite – the unique and wacky – DIZHINEER.

Her training is done at OPERA GARNIER for theater and opera.
At Growah Museumand the Wax Museum Parisand she gathered history, fashion and emphasized the sculptural bodyand antique corsets and textures of a sensitive materials, velvet, Fsmntri and other unique works.
DIOR Haute Couture – she worked alongside John Galliano as part of the studio for four seasons and gathered draping creating tactile and impossible combinations of materials and colors and tissues and monumental silhouettes.

Jean-Louis Scherer haute couture – the continuity of the Kingdom of couture, specializing in paintings tissue spectacular volumes ONE OF A KIND.
Patrick Guerard and Marlene Sitbon – CL Ssaor.

Inspirations effects of the Tel -Aviv in a young dynamic theft of a short vacations in Tel Aviv, sea, sun, boys, girls, girlfriends, freedom, leather and churning urban Paris: Pan, elegant clothing, behavior and way of thinking and her art classes.

Efrat is a product of Grandfather artist and creates monumental Italy Judaica artist in his soul, literature and writing formed the trinity of liberty.

Tradition and creativity edges especially in Paris – learning to highlight the glory of creation. Her love and appreciation for the world at flea markets.

Professional markets embody the trinity between stories tradition with history, art history, and their existence as opposed everyone with whom creates Efrat.

The fascinating story of combinations like Efrat to enhance with the connections between: Vintage – Moment Lavender, Classic tailored with a sexy graphic shadows prints, sculpture and Negri spoiled.

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